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Ensure your home is energy efficient by following the BC Energy Step Code.

Jan 20

Upgrade the efficiency of your home today with Shoreline Building Performance.

With their top-notch services, you can make sure that everything runs smoothly with remarkable accuracy.

The BC Energy Step Code is a must-follow guideline for all homeowners in British Columbia. The Step Code has been developed to ensure homes are insulated correctly, have optimal ventilation rates, and provide adequate lighting. Adhering to this code helps keep you and your family safe from any potential health risks associated with improper insulation and lighting.

A Registered Energy Advisor can help you understand how these guidelines work and which changes you may need to make in your home to meet them. Partnering with a Registered Energy Advisor is an ideal choice to ensure you meet all the requirements to complete the BC Energy Step Code. They can provide guidance and support while helping you get started.

What is the BC Energy Step Code?
The BC Energy Step Code is a performance-tested energy-efficiency standard for new buildings and major renovations. It is specified in the BC Building Code and offers homeowners and house constructors choices on how to reach a specific goal. An Energy Advisor ensures that the design and building structure meet the BC Energy Step Code standards by testing your house at the beginning, middle and end of the building phase.

What is an Energy Advisor?
An Energy Advisor advises on more efficient options, reviews building progress, offers mid-construction and final testing, and helps with obtaining any incentives that may be available. At Shoreline Building Performance, we're your leaders regarding the BC Energy Step Code. Our performance-based approach ensures your building meets code standards.

The Benefits of Working with an Energy Advisor:
• Cost savings on energy bills
• Safety and environmental benefits
• Peace of mind that your home meets the BC Energy Step Code standards

At Shoreline Building Performance, we have a robust and experienced team of Certified Energy Advisors ready and willing to help any building project decrease the footprint of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia. We offer a 72-hour turnaround on pre-construction compliance reports once the project is confirmed, assuming no revisions are needed. We also recommend having a blower door test performed mid-construction, but it is not required.

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