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Dec 19


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Onyx Solar Solutions understands and respects that solar isn’t always “sunny.” There can be some hesitation and fear when making a decision such as going solar. Fear is a powerful and debilitating emotion, and we understand there can be a dark side to solar.

We are here to address all of your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Our commitment is to be honest and transparent about every aspect of the process, so you feel confident choosing Onyx Solar Solutions.

Will I Actually Save Money?

If your home qualifies, the answer is yes! Solar will inevitably save you money. Depending on your financial route, you have a few opportunities ahead:

  1. You could eliminate the power bill altogether if the system is paid in full up front.
  • Some electric companies do not allow 100% offset with your solar system, so you may still owe 20-25% to the electric company, but will see significant savings at the lower, locked-in rate on the portion that is offset.
  • When financed, solar instantly saves you money by becoming a reduced, locked-in rate. You will redirect the payment that was once going to the greedy electric companies who do annual price increase, to now paying off the glass on your roof. No additional bill! Produce your own energy from your solar farm on the roof and enjoy one low payment.
  • Long term, you will save thousands! If the system is financed, you will continue to make payments until it is paid-off. This is the same concept as a car, home loan, etc. Once the system is paid in full, you no longer have a utility bill! Let that sink in!

The price of NOT going solar is what is expensive!


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Is Solar a Fad?

Another common concern we hear in the solar field are those wondering if solar is here to stay. 

  • Will it change and further improve? 
  • Is this just a trend?
  • Will there be something bigger and better?
  • Less expensive? 
  • More technologically advanced?

Studies show that solar has seen a steady, five year exponential growth pattern. For example, in 2020, the solar industry grew 30% alone. In times of crisis, homeowners search for answers and solar was the answer during the pandemic. Arizona solar proved time and time again to instantly save money and this has boosted others confidence in solar and caused the “solar explosion” across the world.

The Future of Solar

The truth of the matter is we do not know how solar technology will advance in the future, but what we can see in the current trends are that solar is here to stay, and it’s being applied to more and more current technology already.

  • Car companies are developing prototypes of solar-powered cars.
  • Builders are partnering with solar companies ahead of new builds in order to build new-development communities with solar panels already on the roof for every home.
  • There are solar-powered phone cases on the market already.
  • They are installing solar panels over water canals to take advantage of solar and water energy production combined.

While technology will inevitably evolve, the root of it all remains the same: using solar power to produce energy is the best resource.

But, Will the Price Change?

We promise to always be transparent, and we understand that solar certainly comes with a price tag. It’s hard to judge what the price point will be on materials and installation as time goes on, but what we do know is that the federal tax credit is an all-time high at 30% for the next 10 years. It has already been determined by Congress to decrease back to 26% in 2033, then 22% in 2034, and then cease to exist by 2035. This has created a sense of urgency for potential solar customers! We like to reassure our customers on their decision to go solar in Arizona by reminding them that the government would not offer economic incentives if solar was not a good thing and the way of the future. 

Additionally, solar energy is, and has been for years, the cheapest and cleanest renewable energy source. More solar farms are developing across the states, the cost of solar energy production has gone down with more technological advancements. So, if we continue to advance like we are, we could conclude and predict that the future holds AMAZING sustainable energy opportunities accessible to everyone!


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