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How does solar energy reduce electricity bills?

Dec 11


  • Solar panels are powered by the sun and do not require expensive fossil fuels. This means that solar panels will generate electricity at a fraction of the cost.
  • You can save even more electricity by returning excess electricity to the grid or storing it as a home battery.
  • Solar panels can cut your electricity bills by up to eight times.


It is Summer in Tallahassee and possibly the Northern Hemisphere. Do you know what that means, then? Summer rains bring with them noisy air conditioners that work 24 hours a day to maintain comfort in homes. This means higher electricity bills as utility companies increase electricity rates in peak seasons or when there is high demand.


This is a bad thing. A higher electricity bill means more family expenses. Living in urban areas, power is a necessity. However, electricity prices are high because they rely on expensive fossil fuels. If you take out these factors, you could be a millionaire with the savings you can make on your electricity bills.


This is what solar power longs to achieve, which is to eliminate the Earth's dependence on nonrenewable and expensive resources and to replace it with our sun as an energy source. If you're still not convinced about how solar panels can help you save money on your electricity bills, we can take help solar system installers tallahassee.

Here are the reasons and how to do it.

You can get a lot of benefits from investing in a solar panel system. Here are some examples:

You can get electricity from solar panels

After your initial investment, they do this practice for nothing. Solar panels are free to use, as they get energy from the sun. The panels produce electricity, and the house can then switch to the electricity provided by the solar system installers tallahassee



You will see a reduction in your electricity bills as the meter won't be running. This is because solar panels work only when the sun is shining, which is usually between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. However, you can still save money in another way.

You will get excess electricity from the solar panel system

It is true, the time spent baking in the sun is well worth it. Solar panels can often produce excess energy depending on the weather. There are two possible scenarios when the sun sets and the panels stop working.


First is the fact that any excess electricity generated from your panels is saved in your city or local area's transformer network. This means that power is sent to utility providers, so the rest of the city has access to them.


Before you start to react violently, remember that the solar panel system does not give away power. Your meter will reverse itself when excess electricity is sent back to the grid. It will reduce your electricity bill depending on how much excess electricity you have.


The second requires a device called a home battery. It is compatible with all solar panel systems. The compact home battery stores excess electricity generated by your system. This allows you to use it later on or in an emergency.


This means that you cannot turn the meter back for yourself, but it is still fair and could allow you to live off the electricity grid in the future, depending on how much you consume. This is not something we recommend at the moment. We suggest you wait for technology to improve.

Statistics and facts

Our company Meraki solar showed you how solar panels can help you save money on your electricity bills. But, we know you want to know exactly how much. Companies like Tesla have made computations possible. This can vary by brand and company, but we want to give you an idea of the savings you can make.


Calculations are based on averages, so don't expect exactness when paying for your solar panel investment. An average American household spends $179 every month on electricity. After installing solar panels, and performing tests, the electricity bill drops to $22. This is beautiful, right?


The savings can be quite significant if you consider a longer period of 30 years. This is very close to the expected life expectancy of a solar array. The average family in California will spend $87,000 for 30 years without solar panel installation. Solar panels, however, bring it down to $37,000. This is $50,000 savings over the three-decade span. A solar panel setup costs only about half of that money.

There are many options

Are you still not convinced? SunPower offers a variety of payment options. These include Purchasing The system; a SunPower Lease program that lets you rent the set up; and a Power Purchase agreement (PPA) which allows you to purchase solar panel electricity directly without using the panels.


There is no need to make a large investment upfront. $10,000 is the usual cost for going fully solar. SunPower wants to be your guide in selecting the right program for you. We want to make sure that you are happy with our solar panel technology and other advances.


If you still have doubts, you can check out our other content. And if you're ready to go solar, we also have sections and articles that will help you get started. We are always here to help, one solar panel at a time. In turn, you can save the Earth and yourself costly setbacks.