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Tenet EC is built to offer a better life to its residents

Sep 15

Tenet EC could possibly be next to sign up to create one. The alliance could be in place by the Tenet EC launch date at 2022. Customers will benefit from the latest technology, as well as additional products associated by Tenet EC. Tenet EC is located in Tampines St 62 which is located in the region that comprises condominiums. It is made up of two condominiums in Tampines consisting of The Trilliant and Citylife.

Together together with Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030. The planned Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) residents of Tenet EC will have the advantages of seamless connectivity. Tenet is an ideal location for families looking to strike the perfect balance between family and work. Tenet's new EC will be located in Tampines Sreet.

Tenet EC is well-liked by prospective buyers who want to purchase the property due to its location close and close to Tampines North MRT Station. Tampines North MRT Station. The brand-new MRT station is situated the vicinity of a variety of shops which include IKEA COURTS Megastore and Giant Food Centre.

A luxury condominium that is currently under construction is two minutes from Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Pan Island Expressway (PIE) both of which are within 10 minutes from Tenet. If you're in search of schools in the vicinity , there's Coral Secondary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Elias Park Primay School, Tampines Meridian Junior College and Temasek Polytechnic.

Tenet EC is located near Tampines North MRT is expected to be completed in 2029. It is located within two minutes from Tampines North MRT. Tenet is a good alternative for commuters who are traveling via Tampines North MRT. Tampines North MRT. Tampines Expressway (TPE) due to the fact that it is situated close to the KPE. Furthermore, Tenet is situated near the KPE. Another road is called The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will enhance connectivity between all regions of Singapore.

North Tampines Town community is very secured and well-maintained. It allows residents to enjoy their work and play within the community while taking time to unwind and relax in a peaceful setting. Residents are able to access a wide range of facilities and services within Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub Tampines North Hub is scheduled to be launched as a hub over the within the next few months.

Find the best location what you need. It might be a location where your family and friends are able to meet. The things you are most enthusiastic about is possible to do at home or in a workplace. There are numerous places to work from or study areas. There are shops that are easy to access.

Tampines North Station and Tampines North Station along with Tampines North Station, as well as an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that offers the greatest accessibility and mobility across the whole island. Business requirements are met with Tampines North Station, Changi Business Park, Singapore Expo Convention Centre and Tampines North Station, as together with the existing Tampines Regional Centre.

The future of children is guaranteed by the schools in the area. All of them have been approved to be approved by Singapore government's Ministry of Education. Singapore Ministry of Education. They are comprised of Poi Ching Elementary School and Gongshang Elementary School. They also work together with Elias Elementary School.