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What Are The Common Things That Fail A Home Inspection?

Jan 10

An inspection is one of the final steps in the selling process for homeowners. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, a house inspection is required to analyze the property's general condition. It also highlights any existing problems that need fixing or replacing, so your customers know exactly what they're getting. It's crucial to understand what items fail a home inspection. Here's everything you should know about the topic, especially if searching for a house inspection in Indian Trail, NC.

While a home inspection may discover flaws, your home cannot "fail" in the process. "An adept home inspection is an examination of the existing condition of a house," according to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). An evaluation does not determine market value. 

It is not a municipal inspection that certifies adherence to local codes. As a result, a home inspector will not grade a home, but rather describe its physical condition and point out any components or systems that may require considerable repair or replacement."

While your home will not earn a pass/fail grade, the information contained in the report could have a significant impact on its assessed worth and a buyer's interest in purchasing it. The following are examples of possible items:

  1.       Heating and cooling systems that are inefficient or broken.
  2.       Interior plumbing issues include a broken water heater, large pipes, and leaks.
  3.       Electrical systems: Wiring that is outdated or frayed and incorrect installation.
  4.       Roof: Leaks, clogged drains, water damage, and shingles missing.
  5.       Dampness, mold, cracks, rotting wood, or collapsing concrete in the attic and basement.
  6.       Rodent damage and the presence of asbestos in the insulation.
  7.       Lead paint on the walls, drooping ceilings, and warped floors are all issues with the walls, ceilings, and floors.
  8.       Windows and doors are warped, stuck, or broken.
  9.       Cracked or sinking foundations, standing water in crawl spaces, mold issues, damaged chimneys, and termite damage are all examples of foundation and structural issues.


While you don't have to remedy a sloped floor or a warped door casing, other fixes can prevent a buyer's loan from being funded. All properties acquired with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, for example, must meet specific minimum property criteria of safety, security, and soundness, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. Here are several examples:


  1.       Homes built before 1978 may have peeling paint that contains lead.
  2.       Downspouts that aren't painted and rain gutters that aren't working.
  3.       Outbuildings that must be demolished.
  4.       Exterior doors that open and close incorrectly.
  5.       Wiring that is exposed and junction boxes that are not covered.
  6.       Leaks and plumbing difficulties.
  7.       HVAC systems that aren't working.
  8.       Roofs leaking or have a life expectancy of fewer than three years.
  9.       Composition roofs are preferred over shaking roofs.
  10.   Infestation with pests.
  11.   A porch with rotted window sills, eaves, and support columns.
  12.   Appliances that come standard with a home, such as an oven or stove, are missing.
  13.   Bedrooms without egress windows of a reasonable size or with bars that do not release.
  14.   Defects in the foundation or structure.
  15.   Wet Basements.
  16.   In the crawl space, there is evidence of standing water.
  17.   Appliances in the kitchen are broken.
  18.   Swimming pools that are empty or abandoned and pools with broken pumps.
  19.   Window and door screens that have been ripped or damaged.
  20.   The water heater has no pressure relief valve.
  21.   Fences that are leaning or have been broken.


Every home has its personality and set of issues, and the inspection report may surprise you. Simplify things by being proactive and keeping an open mind throughout the process, just like hiring a house inspection service in Indian Trail, NC. When it comes to home inspection services, look no further because One and Done Home Inspections got it all covered. Call us today!